ATNESA national networks
Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa
ATNESA encourages the formation and operation of national animal traction networks, whether formal or informal. Responsibility for implementing ATNESA activities is delegated to these national networks and to ATNESA members in different countries. Based on the experiences of ATNESA and its national networks, guidelines relating to networking have been produced.

More information is available about the following national networks and national animal traction programmes:

Animal Power Network for Zimbabwe

Ethiopian Network of Animal Power

Kenya Network for Draft Animal Technology 

Rede de Informação de Tracção Animal de Moçambique (RITAMOZ) (Information Network on Animal Traction, Mozambique)

SANAT South African Network of Animal Traction 

TADAP Tanzania Association for Draught Animal Power

Uganda Network for Animal Traction and conservation agriculture

Zambia Animal Traction Network (being planned)

ATNESA Partners
ATNESA collaborates with a wide range of other networks, institutions and resource organisations in Africa, and throughout the world.


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