Animal Traction in Zambia

Resources available on animal traction in Zambia
The following documents relating to animal traction in Zambia can be viewed and/or downloaded in pdf format: Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 4 which is needed to view and print these pdf files, you can download it free of charge from
Most papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 500 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files will take between one and four minutes to download. Papers with photographs generally have larger files and these are marked in yellow (over one megabyte) or red (over two megabytes) and these will take longer to download. 

Gender and animal draught power: experiences of Palabana with small scale farmers in Zambia 
           by R. Mofya and N. Chisenga
Community based cattle projects in Zambia: a new approach to oxenisation 
	by C. Kaoma-Sprenkels and N. Mwenda
Animal traction development and gender: experiences from Western Province, Zambia
	by G M Bwalya and M Akombelwa
Animal power for weed control: experiences in Zambia
	by Emmanuel Mwenya
Training and extension for animal traction and animal-powered weeding in Zambia
	by Kenneth Chelemu
A scheme for training extension workers on animal power for weed control
	Palabana Animal Draft Power Programme, Zambia
Procedures for evaluating and promoting animal-drawn weed control implements in Zambia
	by Piet Stevens
Weeding with draft animal power in Kaoma District, Zambia
	by Nawa Siyambango and Martin van Leeuwen
Animal power for weed control in Kaoma District, Zambia
	by Andrew K Muma
A note on weeding demonstrations in northern Zambia
	by Margaret K Lombe
Hiring and lending of oxen for plowing in Kaoma, Zambia
	by Kennedy Kakwaba and Martin van Leeuwen
Challenges of animal draft technologies in North Western Province, Zambia
	by Ivor Mukuka
Challenges and constraints of animal traction in Luapula Province, Zambia
	by Alexander Mutali
Gender issues in animal draft power weeding technology in Zambia
	by E A Sakala
Towards privatisation in draft animal power extension in Zambia
	by Martin van Leeuwen
Animal traction and market conditions: a case study from south-western Tanzania and northern Zambia
	by Torben Birch-Thomsen
Ox carts in Kaoma, Zambia
	by Martin van Leeuwen and Nawa Siyambango
Dry season crop residue feeding for improved draft power in Zambia
	by J H Meinderts, M Chibango and N Mwenda
Surveying animal traction use in Zambia
	by Henk J Dibbits
Conservation tillage for soil and water conservation using draft animal power in Zambia	
	by Kenneth Chelemu and Peter Nindi
Donkey promotion in Western Province, Zambia
	by Given Mwaika Bwalya
Extension staff and farmer training challenges in donkey traction applications
	by Martin Bwalya
Donkey lending and credit schemes in rural Zambia
	by Christina Chisembele and Mwilola Imakando
Social consequences of introducing donkeys into Zambia
	by Rhoda Mofya
Donkeys in Zambia: experiences with their importation and quarantine
	by Emmanuel Mwenya and Christina Chisembele
Conservation tillage in Zambia: Some technologies, Indigenous methods and environmental issues
                by J.M. Siacinji-Musiwa 
IMAG-DLO and conservation tillage: Activities and Experiences
                by C. Kaoma-Sprenkels, P.A. Stevens and A.A. Wanders 
Efforts and initiatives for supply of conservation tillage equipment in Zambia
                by Isaac Sakala
Conservation farming with animal traction in smallholder farming systems: Palabana experiences
                by Martin Bwalya
A note on improving the profitability of a large-scale commercial farm in Zambia through the use of oxen
       by Bruce Danckwerts	 
Improving management of draft animals in Zambia
       by  Gervazio B M Phiri	         
Design innovations to simplify the regulation of animal-drawn mouldboard plows in Zambia
       by  Hans Helsloot*	        
A note on improving the supply and distribution of animal-drawn implements in Zambia
       by   E A Sakala	      
The importance of women's participation in animal traction in Zambia
       by  Margaret Lombe, Christine Sikanyika and Annie N Tembo	
The impact of mobile ox plowing courses for women in the Western Province of Zambia
       by  Cara Hocking*	      
A note on the use of animal traction by women in North Western Province, Zambia
       by  Ivor Mukuka	    
Transfer of animal traction technology in Zambia: an historical perspective
       by  Adrian Wood 1 and John Milimo 2	
Constraints and opportunities in the transfer of draft animal technologies in Zambia
       by  Martin Bwalya	  
Transfer of animal traction technology to farmers in the North Western Province of Zambia
       by  Christian Löffler 
Experiences with improving animal traction technology in Kaoma District, Western Province of Zambia
       by  H G Kamphuis     
A note on animal draft power in Kabwe Smallholder Development Project, Central Province, Zambia
       by  A Mkandawire	
Transfer of animal traction technology in Luapula Province, Zambia
       by  S L Lubumbe	
Transfer of animal traction technologies in Zambia through on-farm programmes
       by  Roelof A Meijer    
Rural transport in Zambia: the design of an ox cart which can be produced in rural areas
       by  H Vroom	  
Experience with the introduction of animal-power systems in Zambia
       by  Hans Drechsel1 and Christian Löffler
Animal traction technology for logging in Zambia
       by Christopher Kalima	  
Animal draft power in Zambia: constraints to development and possibilities for improvements
       by  E Mwenya, W N M Mwenya and H J Dibbits	
Animal traction technology in Niger and some implications for Zambia
       by  Fred Kruit	  
The need for standardized producers to test ox-drawn implement: experience from Zambia
       by  R A Meijer and K Chelemu         
Historical and present constraints to the use of animal traction in Zambia
       by  H J Dibbits and M Sindazi     
A note on the impact of animal traction in Zambia
       by  K Chiteta   
The impact of the oxenization programme in the North-Western Province of Zambia
       by  D L Soko     
Involvement of women in animal traction in Kaoma District, Zambia 
       by  Andrew K. Muma   
Animal traction in Zambia: status, progress and trends Full 114-page document (NB large file 5 Mb). 
                by Starkey P, Dibbits H and Mwenya E 
                also available in three parts for easier downloading
                Animal traction in Zambia: Summary and contents (small 345 kb file). 
                Animal traction in Zambia Part 1 (large file 2.7 Mb)
                Animal traction in Zambia Part 2 (large file 2.5 Mb)
See also ATNESA Donkey workshop

See also Conservation Tillage report and proceedings
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Animal traction contacts in Zambia

    See also the tributes to Emmanuel Mwenya 1957-2004   

Africare, through its Smallholder Agricultural Mechanization Promotions (SAMeP) is spearheading the formation of a national animal traction network in Zambia. A draft proposal is in its final stages and will soon be discussed at a workshop whose date and venue will be announced soon.  At the moment, the proposed secretariat of this network is at SAMeP. For more information contact:

Isaac Sakala
Coordinator of SAMeP (Africare)
Smallholder Agricultural Mechanization Promotions (SAMeP)
Africare Zambia, Box 33921, Lusaka, Zambia
Office tel: + 260 01 264406
Office fax: + 260 01 262377
Mobile: +260 96 436728

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