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Women with their donkey cart in 
Tanzania. ATNESA has information 
relating to donkeys, carts
gender issues and Tanzania. 

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New!! Improving Animal Traction Technology Papers

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NEW!! Over 200 papers from West Africa Network)





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Women using cows to weed maize in Zimbabwe (in a drought year) ATNESA has information about weeding, gender issues, cow traction and Zimbabwe

Tributes to Emmanuel Mwenya 1957-2004  







South Africa




West Africa
Many new documents

R鳥au Ouest Africain sur la Traction Animale

MozambiqueUgandaOther countries

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Service note, February 2005. The ATNESA website is collaborating with a new website 'Animal Traction Net'  that will have greater capacity to hold the very many resource documents of ATNESA and other animal traction networks. In the transition phase, some links may be broken, in which case try looking on the website. Please be patient! Thank you! 

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