Animal Traction in Zimbabwe
Resources available on animal traction in Zimbabwe
The following documents relating to animal traction in Zimbabwe can be viewed and/or downloaded in pdf format: Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat 4 which is needed to view and print these pdf files, you can download it free of charge from

Most papers have file sizes between 150 kb and 500 kb. Depending on the speed of your connection, these files will take between one and four minutes to download. Papers with photographs generally have larger files and these are marked in yellow (over one megabyte) or red (over two megabytes) and these will take longer to download. 

Animal draft power challenges in Zimbabwe 
          by J Francis, B Mudamburi and B Chikwanda 
Socio-economic aspects of animal power: a diagnostic study in Zimbabwe
          by R Tsimba, S Chawatama, L Ndlovu, J Mutimba, P Ndlovu, K Dzama, J Topps, D Hikwa and M Mudhara
Animal power for weed control: experiences in Zimbabwe
          by Irvine Chatizwa and Raymond M Nazare 
Research on weed control using animal power undertaken by IAE, Zimbabwe
          by Irvine Chatizwa and Radboud Vorage
Animal-powered reduced tillage and weed control methods in Zimbabwe
          by S Chikura 
Animal draft power training in Zimbabwe: experiences and future challenges
          by B Mudamburi, B Chikwanda and J Francis
Harnessing systems for donkeys in Zimbabwe
           by Bertha Mudamburi
The role of donkeys in integrated crop-livestock systems in semi-arid areas of Zimbabwe
           by Lindela R Ndlovu, T Bwakura and J H Topps
Relationship between depth of tillage and soil physical characteristics of sites farmed by smallholders in Mutoko and Chinyika in Zimbabwe
           by R. Tsimba, J. Hussein and L.R. Ndlovu
Zimplow Limited
          by R. Lourenco, and W. Chipepera
Rural travel and transport and economic development: problems and prospects in rural Africa
examples from  Malawi and Zimbabwe
         by F Ali-Nejadfard 
Donkey power for appropriate mechanisation and transport for women in Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe
         by Rodger Mpande
Improving draft animal nutrition management through strategic supplementation in Zimbabwe
         by J Francis, L R Ndlovu and J R Nkuuhe
Improving the management of feed resources for draft animals in Mangwende, Zimbabwe   
         by S Chikura
Improving animal-powered reduced tillage systems in Zimbabwe
         by S Chikura
Transportation by women, and their access to animal-drawn carts in Zimbabwe
         by J Doran
Transfer of animal traction technology: lessons from project experiences in Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Tanzania
  by René Fischer
A note on a donkey harnessing problem and innovation in Zimbabwe
         by Peta A Jones 

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Some animal traction contacts in Zimbabwe

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