Animal Traction in Mozambique

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The following documents relating to animal traction in Mozambique can be viewed and/or downloaded in pdf format:
Some of these documents derive from ATNESA workshops or the workshops of the West Africa Animal Traction Network. Some have been prepared by animal traction specialists for other collaborating organisations or networks. 
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Animal traction in Mozambique workshop
held at Instituto Agrário de Chimoio from the 12th to 14th June 2000
Promoted by VETAID and funded by the European Commission.

Read workshop statement

Workshop report/proceedings Click here to download a report of the workshop held 12-14 June 2000 at Chimoio, Mozambique. These proceedings are in English and have been edited by Andrew Mattick. This 66-page document is in PDF format that can be printed or read on-line. 
(The file size is 350 kb may take three minutes to download).

Other publications concerning animal traction in Mozambique:

Animal traction in Mozambique: results from a survey of small-scale farmers  
   by Alfredo de Toro and Alfredo B Nhantumbo
(file size about 170 kb - about 1or 2 minutes to download)

(file size about 170 kb - about 1or 2 minutes to download)

The challenges of reintroducing animal traction in post-war Mozambique
   by Alix von Keyserlingk
(file size about 170 kb - about 1or 2 minutes to download) 

Cow traction in Chokwe, Mozambique 
   by O Faftine and A Mutsando 
(file size about 160 kb about 1or 2 minutes to download)

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 A Promising Technology For Small Scale Farmers: Final Statement

More than 70 delegates from different areas of the country, and from neighbouring countries participated  in a Seminar on Animal Traction in Moçambique, held at the Instituto Agrário de Chimoio from the 12th to 14th June 2000,  promoted by VETAID and funded by the European Commission:

  • Considering the importance of the use of animal traction and the need for the dissemination of animal traction for agricultural development in Mozambique, based on the experiences of Africa and the rest of the World.

  • Considering that, in the past 10  years, no special attention has  been given to this technology with all the associated negative consequences.

  • Taking into consideration the needs of the farmers and the small scale farming sector and the strategy for increasing food production, in the battle against hunger and the relief of poverty.

  • Taking in account the historical background of animal traction in Moçambique, of its practical experiences and initiatives and the current animal traction activities in several areas of the country.

  • Recognizing the need for multi-sectorial and inter-institutional involvement aiming to promote animal traction.

  • Recognizing the benefits brought by animal traction to its users in terms of the improvement in   well being.

a)  The government, the Private Sector, the NGOs, Donors and the interested parties, to support and give importance to the use of animal traction in Moçambique.
b)  Specially the Government, to:
·        ensure the definition and approval of a governmental policy in relation to animal traction and a national strategy for the development of this technology.
·        institute within the appropriate governmental department, a sector responsible for agricultural mechanization which includes Animal Traction.
·        To promote the involvement of the public sectors: agriculture, industry, commerce science and technology, transport and the rural development in the process of re-launching animal traction throughout the country.
c)  Agricultural technicians at all levels, to accept the challenges related to publicity,
training and dissemination of animal traction technology in the districts and rural areas.
d)  Researchers and academicians to give their contribution in the development of research activities of improved techniques, equipment and working conditions in the use of animal traction.
e)  Private sector to study conducive ways to improve the commercialization of
livestock, agricultural products and equipment and facilitate credit conditions for animal traction.

The participants reiterate the principle that, only with the active involvement of all the above mentioned stakeholders, will it be possible to achieve progress which will benefit local economies and promote the improvement of the rural life conditions, the well-being of farmers and the progress of the country.

Animal traction contacts in Mozambique:

Rede de Informação de Tracção Animal de Moçambique (RITAMOZ) (Information Network on Animal Traction, Mozambique) 

Dr Kemal Vaz
Dep. Engenharia Rural, Faculdade de Agronomia
Universidade de Eduardo Mondlane
C P 257, Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE
Tel: + 258-1 493881 / 490009; Fax: + 258-1 492176

Mohamed Harun
Cristiano Taimo
Filomena dos Anjos
Patrocínio da Silva
Andrew Mattick
Caroline Korte  

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