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The following websites may contain material of interest to ATNESA members and collaborators.
Although the sites are believed to contain some information relating to working animals and associated technologies, ATNESA does not necessarily endorse the content of these websites. Please let us know if there are errors and let us know of other sites to list here.


ATNESA (Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa)
and affiliated national networks including those in Ethiopia (ENAP), Kenya (KENDAT), Tanzania (TADAP), South Africa (SANAT) and Zimbabwe (APNEZ).

RELATA (Red Latinoamericana de Tracción Animal)


African Conservation Tillage Network
(not animal traction, but with an interest in this subject)

RECTA: La Red Cubana de Tracción Animal
Cuba Network of Animal Traction

MITA Réseau Malgache de Développement des Moyens Intermédiaires de Transport
Madagascar Network for the Development of Intermediate Means of Transport
(including ox carts and use of equids). Mainly French.

Animal traction technologies Animal traction technologies using camels in Niger


Transport issues

(These organisations have some interest in animal power)

The International Forum for Rural Transport and Development

Animal Traction Development. This site has many documents relating to animal traction that can be downloaded. It also contains a display with many ideas and pictures on animal-powered transport and other rural transport technologies

DFID Transport Links
Department for International Development in association with 
TRL (Transport Research Laboratory), United Kingdom

Research and education

(Some staff in these establishments have an interest in animal power)



CTVM (Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine) of the University of Edinburgh

University of Kassel.
On-line a
nimal traction literature database

IDS Information database (broadly-based)

Web-based Information System for Agricultural Research for Development (a broadly-based database)

International Livestock Research Institute

Development issues

(These organisations have some interest in animal power)

The Aid Workers Network links people involved in practical development to share support, ideas and best practice. If you need practical advice or want to debate an issue some of the 6000 members in 162 countries may be able to help you.

A gateway to very many organisations concerned with development issues

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

The World Bank (much information and numerous reports)

MSU (Michigan State University) Global Access (searchable database with many links)


Appropriate technology organisations
(These organisations have some interest in animal power)
Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technology (several animal traction publications are available)


Intermediate Technology Development Group
with activities in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Sudan and elsewhere

Animal traction and work animal breeds in Europe

(These organisations have some interest in animal power)

Traits de genie - French site in English on working horses, mules and donkeys with links to other sites

British Mule Society

British Donkey Breed Society

Donkeys and Donkey Milk (Italy) 

German Donkey Society

Work with oxen in German (site in German)

Æselforeningen Danish Donkey Society (site mainly in Danish)

Animal welfare organisations

(These organisations have some interest in animal power)

The Brooke


Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad

The International Donkey Protection Trust and Donkey Sanctuary (UK)

International League for the Protection of Horses

Working Together for Equines

World Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies

Livestock and veterinary  development Livestock Production Programme (LPP) managed by NR International for DFID



Training resources Training young oxen

Ox Power Handbook by Paramananda
(should also be on

Animal traction in North America

(These organisations have some interest in animal power)

Rural Heritage - journal in support of small farmers and loggers who use draft horse, mule, and oxen power

Tillers International: Excellence in Training and Hitching of Oxen and Draft Horses.

Midwest Ox Drovers' Association

Bulletin board with discussions on working horses for farming and logging

ISCOWP (The International Society for Cow Protection)
A International lacto-vegetarian group offering training on Ox Teams & Organic Dairy Farming

Mule Barn (USA)

Donkeys (recreational) USA

Logging with oxen (USA)


Museums and historic farms

(These organisations have some interest in animal power)

Howell Living History Farm, USA (circa 1900). 
Eight horses and a pair of oxen.
Internships in animal-powered farming

Agricultural machinery  

University of Reading Rural History Centre


On-line journals and magazines

(These publications have some interest in animal power)

Draught Animal News

New Agriculturalist

Spore (CTA)

French language

French language Spore (CTA)

Hoofcare and Lameness (Journal of Equine Foot Science)

Implement manufacturers 

Carthorse Machinery (hitch carts and power-takeoff carts for heavy horses): Note: this site contains some attractive photos but they take time to download (pages up to 600 kb)
Rare breeds The Iberian Rare Breeds Trust (conservation of Giant Andalucian Donkey)

Miscellaneous reports 

Report on work animals under drought conditions

Reports of DFID-funded work (some on animal power) 

Poetry and literature


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