Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa
The Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (ATNESA) was formed in 1990 to improve information exchange and regional cooperation relating to animal draft power. The network aims to unite researchers, manufacturers, development workers, institutions and the users of animal traction in the region. Membership of the network is open to all individuals and organisations interested in its objectives.

The ATNESA steering committee, elected during major workshops, includes animal traction specialists from six countries in the region, as well as representatives of interested resource organisations. The committee initiates, coordinates and facilitates a variety of network arrangements. (click to view ATNESA statutes)

ATNESA encourages the formation and operation of national animal traction networks, whether formal or informal. Responsibility for implementing ATNESA activities is delegated to these national networks and to ATNESA members in different countries. Based on the experiences of ATNESA and its national networks, guidelines relating to networking have been produced.

ATNESA, in collaboration with national networks and other organisations, has arranged international workshop on several themes including:

More than 400 people from 40 countries have participated in ATNESA international workshops and several resource publications have been produced.

ATNESA has a small secretariat in Zimbabwe to assist international liaison. Nevertheless, ATNESA encouraged interested people to work with their local national networks and to contact directly their colleagues in other countries.

The addresses of ATNESA committee members and ATNESA national networks.

More information is available about the following national networks:




ATNESA collaborates with a wide range of other networks, institutions and resource organisations in Africa, and throughout the world.

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