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Uganda Network for Animal Traction and Conservation Agriculture

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International Workshop
Modernising agriculture:
visions and technologies for
Animal Traction
and Conservation Agriculture

Held at the Sunset Hotel & Conference Centre, Jinja, Uganda
20-24th May 2002

Click here to see a 41-page report of the workshop (860 kb)

Click here to read or download an address list of the participants at this workshop including 
over 50 people from Uganda concerned with animal traction and conservation agriculture

Click here to see the background information provided before the workshop

For further information on this workshop and its outputs
please contact the Workshop Secretariat or any of the organisers

Workshop Secretariat

Engineer Wilfred R. Odogola
Agricultural Engineering and Applied Technology Research Institute
 P.O. Box 7144, Kampala Uganda.
Tel +256-41-566161, Mobile: 256-77-220010
Fax: 256-41-566049/567649


Dr. Pascal G. Kaumbutho
ATNESA Secretariat
P.O. Box 61441,
Nairobi. Kenya.
Tel/Fax: +254-2-766939  Mobile +254-72-308331

FAO Link

Theodor Friedrich
FAO, Agricultural Engineering Branch AGSE
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome/Italy
Tel: +39-065705-5694 Fax: +39-065705-6798


ACT Link

Martin Bwalya
ACT Secretariat, c/o IES University of Zimbabwe
P.O. Box MP 167, Harare Zimbabwe
Tel: +263-4-334395

Workshop Organizing Committee

UNATCA (local) committee
Chairperson: Dr. J.J. Otim, Presidential Advisor on Agriculture & Veterinary Services
National Co-ordinator: Eng Wilfred Odogola, Director, Agricultural Eng & Applied Techn Res Institute
Member: Mr. Joy Omoding, Commissioner, Farm Development, Min Agric . Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF)
Member: - Dr. Kibalama Sentongo, Head Agricultural Engineering Dept, Makerere University
Member: - Mrs Alice Tibazalika, Gender representative and Uganda National Farmersí Association
Member: - Dr. Michael Foster, Sasakawa Global 2000, representing NGOs
Member: - Dr. Flemming Eriksen, DANIDA
Member: - SAIMMCO
Member: - Mr. Alphonse Candia.
Secretary: Eng Otai Francis, Assistant Commissioner, Agricultural Engineering, MAAIF

Secretariat:  Dr. Pascal Kaumbutho, Kenya (then ATNESA Chairperson)
Treasurer: Dr. Edward Nengomasha, Zimbabwe (subsequently ATNESA Chairperson)
Member: Prof. Timothy Simalenga, South Africa (Immediate former Chair)
Tech. Advisor: Prof. Paul Starkey, United Kingdom

FAO Rep:  Dr. Theodor Friedrich
ACT Rep: Martin Bwalya
GTZ Rep:  Dr. Kurt Steiner

Editorial Committee
FAO, ATNESA, ACT and 3 from Uganda.  Subject matter specialists will be contacted to edit papers for the proceedings.  The Editorial Committee will receive and compile a list of Abstracts for circulation to the participants.

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